09h00-10h30: Beliefs’ Evaluation: Weighing the Justified against the AdvantageousKeynote Speaker, Anne Meylan, University of Zürich

10h30-11h00: Coffee break

11h00-11h45: All the Possibilities Left Unexploited – Luca Dodoni, Ghislieri College (Pavia)

11h45-12h30: Heideggerian Authenticity as a (Merely) Theoretical Prerogative – Prashant Prashad, University of Neuchatel

12h30-14h30: Lunch break

14h30-16h00: Ambivalence, Authenticity and the GoodKeynote Speaker, Simon Feldman, Connecticut College (New London)

16h00-16h30: Coffee break

16h30-17h15: Subjectivism and Two Kinds of Authenticity – Jay Jian, University of Oxford

17h15-18h00: Not Feeling Like Oneself – Roy Dings, Radboud University (Nijmegen)

University of Neuchâtel, Philosophy Department, Espace Louis-Agassiz 1, 2000 Neuchâtel, Room B.2. 65.

Registration is free but mandatory. Please send an email to: lg2c.org@gmail.com

pdf version of the program